Playing The Moments

Station 10.9 is an online radio station that will lead the culture for developing, entertaining, and helping young people find their place in the world, share their views, discover talent, and be able to become leaders of the culture.

Our Dedication

to giving you nothing, but quality music. 

The remaining 5% is us talking over the music 🙂


The platform is built for the people.
It is built for creators, artists and the curious that want to grow and develop in a young, fun, and expressive way that can bring life to what people may consider “dull” issues, and It is built for knowledge and entertainment.

Music Percentage Played on Air

1 %
local music– Zimbabwean
1 %
international music

We have a mobile app follow the links bellow

Station109 Promo screen grab2

As the station grows

We starting out with only 3 hours a day

11am - 3pm

Monday - Friday

Tuning in is just a click away

Please click on your respective Store below.

And search for Station109 and you connected.

Call or WhatsApp us in Studio
+27 74 500 4749
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